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A Closer Look at Proximity Media

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By Chase Neinken


Digital marketing has evolved and allowed marketers to interact with consumers in a number of ways.  First, there was email marketing, and then text and voice messaging became a common form of promotion. Recently, QR codes have taken over everything from cupcakes to tombstones. The latest technology from Sonic Notify and shop kick allows marketers to deliver media to consumers through sound.

Proximity Media” utilizes inaudible frequencies to send content directly to consumers via smart phone. By projecting a signal that is too high for humans to hear, proximity media is allowing marketers to send messages and coupons like never before. After the consumer downloads the App, marketers are able to send messages and links directly to the user via smart phone through an alert that shows up just like a text message.

In the retail sector, brands like Macy’s, American Eagle, Target, Toys-R-Us, and even Sports Authority have been early adopters of this technology. By placing small beacons on certain sale items in the store, retailers can send special offers directly to the consumer’s smart phone as they approach the product. By offering coupons based on proximity to items in a store, brands are able to interact with consumers like never before.

Television offers a particularly attractive medium for advertisers delivering content through proximity media. By transmitting content during television shows, advertisers can avoid commercial breaks and focus on target markets. Programs like American Idol can use this technology to pass on information to viewers on when and how to vote for their favorite participants.  Even sports leagues like the NFL can use this technology to provide updated stats and injury updates in real time.

The largest adoption of this technology has come from one of the world’s biggest superstars. Lady Gaga used these inaudible QR codes during her Monster Ball Tour to send audience members to different websites for more information about her music. She even allowed the audience to vote for which song she should play next during the show.

Proximity Media clearly has vast potential as an emerging media technology. The platform is free and easy to use from a consumer perspective and provides a unique touch point from the brand side. However, as with all emerging media, the future of this promising technology lies with consumer adoption. How can your brand use proximity media to connect with consumers and boost both brand awareness and engagement?Interested in learning more about how proximity media and other emerging media technologies can be leveraged for your brand? Give us a call.

POSTED: 04/23/12